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New Patients

at Five Forks Animal Hospital


Choosing a veterinarian is the equivalent of picking a pediatrician. We understand how important the decision may be. Our team will work relentlessly to make sure your pet's appointment is comfortable and effective. At Five Forks Animal Hospital, we have state-of-the-art gear and an impeccable facility. Most appointments take 30-45 minutes, which permits our veterinarian the time to assess your pet entirely. We know that each patient is unique, and we recommend ideas based on your pet's age, breed, daily life, and personality. You know your pet best, which is why we constantly pay attention to your concerns.

To get an appointment with our veterinarian, please submit the below info before your pet's first visit. We ask that you come ten minutes before your appointment so that they can get used to our ambiance. If you are moving care from a different veterinary hospital, we can help you recover your pet's papers or bring them to their appointment with you. If you would like us to contact your other veterinarian, please provide their contact information, and we will go with it from there.

New Patient Appointment Form

Please fill out the below form to schedule an appointment.